Capri Marquee Hire Surrey Wide For A Unique Teenage Party Experience

Capri marquee hire Surrey wide is the ideal solution if you want a modern twist on the traditional marquee.

Capri marquee hire Surrey services could be the answer you have been looking to deliver that unique party experience, particularly if you are planning a party for teenagers or young adults.

You will already know how difficult it is to find the balance between offering them the venue space they need while getting the peace of mind you require.

Planning an event at home for a teenager can be a minefield. South East marquee hire provides the space you need for them to enjoy themselves, while you can still be close by. However, traditional marquees are often too big for the garden and don’t provide the atmosphere that is desired by the teenager. This is where the Capri marquee tent comes in. Its unique design means that it is anything but boring and it still provides all the benefits of a traditional marquee, including doors and windows if needed. Additionally, with a marquee hire Surrey based business that provides lighting and other services, you can create the right setting for your child’s party. Add in a dance floor, appropriate entertainment, and catering and you have a teenage party that will be the envy of London and the South East. From your perspective as a parent, not only is your home safe, but so too is your teenager and their friends, and all without any screaming about you looking over their shoulder the whole time. By using the right specialist Surrey based company to provide the whole package, you can also do all of this without breaking the bank.

At Paul Simon Marquees, we can provide you with everything you need including Capri marquee hire Surrey wide to make your family occasion the best in the county. As well as providing marquee hire and event management for parties, we can also offer premier venues for weddings, fetes, and corporate events. If you would like to know more, visit