Marquee Hire Surrey: Why Is A Marquee A Good Idea?

Marquee hire Surrey is an exciting idea when it comes to your next party, celebration, wedding, or any other event that requires a venue.

Marquees are less expensive than hiring a room in an attractive building, and they can be decorated in exactly the style you want. When you arrange South East marquee hire, you can really put your own stamp on things and show off your personality. You can have total control and the final say over what the marquee looks like, how many guests you have, where it is set up (within reason), and even who does the catering.

South East Marquee Hire: How Does The Rain Affect A Marquee?

One of the worries that people might have when thinking about marquee hire Sussex or Surrey is the weather. No matter what time of year it is, there is always a chance that it could rain, and unlike with an indoor venue, a marquee could be adversely affected by the weather. However, if you choose big or small marquee hire Surrey from a professional company, rain should not be a problem at all, as there are contingencies that can be put in place to ensure that no one gets wet, even if you are technically outside. No one wants their wedding marquee hire Surrey, or their party or their conference marquee, to become muddy and mucky. This is why you should always hire a marquee with a proper wooden floor. Check that there is a gap between the floorboards and the grass beneath as this means that there is proper drainage available in case it does rain. A cheaper option is to put matting on the grass, but this often means that the matting becomes too wet, and then everyone’s feet also get wet! It is much better to pay the extra for a proper wooden flooring that is professionally installed. You should also check that guttering is installed between the main marquee and any smaller ones such as catering tents or toilet blocks. In addition, it is wise to connect these smaller tents to the main one using a lining hung above. This means your guests won’t have to go outside in the rain at all.

What About Party Marquee Hire Surrey In The Heat?

Many people look at organising their party marquee hire Surrey during the summer months. Of course, it can still rain at this time of year, but it can also be extremely hot. Can marquees cope with the hotter weather? The fabric and structure of the marquee itself won’t have any problems, no matter what temperature the outside air is, but the guests inside can sometimes feel uncomfortable. Speak to the experts about how your marquee hire in Surrey can be made suitable for the season and the potential heat. One example of something that can be done that will make your guests happy is to use removable walls or roll up walls on the marquee. If it is very hot, you can remove or roll the walls up, letting the fresh air into the marquee, offering relief for your hot guests. It might even be possible to have ceiling fans installed within your marquee. This will depend on a variety of factors, but it is always worth asking your marquee hire company about the possibility. Ceiling fans will keep everyone cool and make the marquee a comfortable place to be. It is also a good idea to give some thought to the layout and location of the marquee. Where is the sun going to be? What time will the sun be at its strongest? Once you know these things, you can check that any windows in your marquee will be facing in the opposite direction to where the sun is, thus offering more shade. Speak to Paul Simon Marquees about your options.

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