Marquee Hire Sussex: How Long Have Marquees Been Used?

Marquee hire Sussex might be something that is new to you – after all, you may not organise many outside wedding receptions, parties, or other celebrations.

But marquees have been around for a rather long time. If you think about it, you will see that marquees were originally a form of tent, and tents have been traditional shelters for many thousands of years. There is evidence that tents go back to before Jesus’ birth. Tents have been used for nomadic peoples’ habitation, as shelters for those who have suffered through disasters, by the military as temporary barracks, and for casual campers too. So, South East marquee hire has a proud history.

What Does It Take To Set Up A South East Marquee Hire Structure?

If you have decided that you want to organise marquee hire Surrey or Sussex for your function, there are probably a number of questions that you will want to find out the answers to. One of these is about setting up the marquee in the first place. The time that it takes to erect a marquee properly and safely can vary from function to function. It depends on the size of the marquee, and where it is to be placed. Also, some tents that come from marquee hire in West Sussex are more complex than others, with extra windows, doors, proper flooring, and more. The simpler, smaller marquees can be erected in a day or less. The more complicated, larger ones might take two or three days. The firm in question must explain this when you hire the structure, as it will need to be organised in advance. Something else that must be taken into account when organising cheap marquee hire Sussex is how long it will take you to set everything up within the marquee. There is little point in arranging for it to be set up with just an hour or so to spare before the event is to start. If possible, you should aim for the marquee to be completed at least 24 hours before your function is due to take place. The size of the marquee is another factor that can sometimes be confusing. Speak to the experts you are using to supply and install the marquee, and they will be able to offer advice.

What Do You Need To Consider For Sussex Marquee Hire?

Apart from the size and time needed to install a professional marquee, there are other questions that you will need to ask to get it right. Sussex marquee hire can be a simple thing, as long as you know what to expect. For example, what about the ground you are intending the marquee to be set up on? It is a common misconception that marquees can only be erected on grass; this is not the case. It is, however, the easiest surface upon which to set up a marquee, so if it is available, it should be used whenever possible. Everything other than grass will need ‘pin holes’ to be drilled into it so that the marquee can be secured in place – this is not always possible. If pinning cannot be done, it might be possible to use water and weight ballasts, but you must check this out with your marquee provider and the person who owns the land. The surface for the marquee must be as flat as possible, especially if you are also using a wooden floor. If there is a gentle slope, then the marquee can usually be safely secured, and special suspended flooring may be utilised. It is important for you to arrange a site inspection before committing to hiring a marquee, however, to avoid disappointment or problems. Speak to Paul Simon Marquees for marquee hire prices Sussex and find out more about the different options available to you.

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Your function and celebration need to be memorable and special – organising marquee hire Sussex can ensure that it is. At Paul Simon Marquees, we can provide you with everything you need when it comes to setting up your ideal function space. Our bespoke options give you the freedom to show your own personality, and we offer advice every step of the way. For the best in South East marquee hire, please look at our website at Here you can see exactly what we do. When you want to talk through your requirements, please don’t hesitate to either complete our online email form, or call us on 01798 815006.